H1b Transfer categories

H1b Transfer categories:


One among the non-migrant visas is that the h1b 跳槽 visa that is employed by the foreign nationals for the aim of labor significantly in specialty occupations. just in case of dismissal by the leader, the foreign national United Nations agency is in H1B standing will apply for modification of standing to a different non-immigrant or hunt for another leader or leave the country.


The US. Citizenship And Immigration Service (USCIS) imposes an annual H-1B cap of fifty eight,200 (congressional cap of sixty five,000 less 6,800 put aside for employees from Singapore and Chile by the trade Act). additionally, USICS exempts from the H-1B cap twenty,000 aliens with a U.S. – earned master’s or higher degree. alternative exemptions to the cap area unit obtainable to aliens WHO area unit presently in H-1B standing or WHO are used at an establishment of upper education or a connected or attached non-profit-making entity, or at a non-profit-making analysis organization or a governmental analysis organization.

Medical Professionals and techniques relating to H-1B Transfer Cap Issues:

The restricted quantity of H-1Bs obtainable every poses a large vary of issues to U.S. employers and will have lasting effects on aliens. several foreign national physicians face distinctive challenges relating to the H-1B cap upon completion of their residency or fellowship or once they conceive to enter the duty market by acceptive a non-public observe position (for example, within the context of somebody moving from AN leader that’s cap exempt to 1 that’s not).

In such cases, a “cap gap” drawback might arise if the USCIS improperly interprets INA 214(g)(6), that states that AN alien WHO ceases to use by AN exempt leader and has not been antecedently counted ought to be counted the primary time the alien is utilized by a non-exempt leader. My opinion, is that INA 214(g)(6) doesn’t block such a transfer as long because it submitted as AN application to increase standing. To the contrary it’s my opinion that the numerical restrictions solely apply once new H-1 standing is wanted, that’s once the someone is applying for a modification of standing to H-1B from a unique nonimmigrant standing like the H-4 or B-2 or once diplomat notification is requested instead of extension of H-1B standing.

The basis for this read could be a precise reading of the statutory language of INA 214(g) and diverse specific directives issued by USCIS. Specifically, INA 212(g) holds that the numerical limitation solely apply to those that area unit being “provided” H-1B standing, to not those already in such standing and seeking its extension.

Therefore, it’s my belief that a medical man WHO is finishing a residency or fellowship ANd going into personal observe (not cap exempt) might apply for a modification in antecedently approved employment farewell because the medical man applies for an extension of his H-1B from inside the North American country .

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