Tank Trouble 3 Single Player

Tank Trouble 3 Single Player

game is basically number 1 arcade game which is quite famous among the children. The features and the graphics of the game can take your heart and make you addict of the game for your life time and this might be the reason why parents are so concerned about this game.

Tank Trouble 3 Single Player game is providing the lovers with flawless animations and features which helps the game to run smoother than the previous version of the game where there was lagging while running the game.

You can showcase your talent in the game, if you’ve greater skills in tackling your enemy then congratulations, you can end this game within few days but if your strategy isn’t good enough, then this game can takes month as well. Tank Trouble 3 is coming up with multiplayer version as well, where you can play with your friends and family to kill your time amazingly.

Let’s now head towards the controls of the game, which are more important than any other thing here. So here we go!

Controls of Tank Trouble 3 Single Player

To tackle all the obstacles which comes your way while playing Tank Trouble 3 Single Player game, you’ve to learn all the controls before you get into the competition. There are pro’s already waiting for you to compete them and they can thrash you if you couldn’t give them a tough time. So here are the controls which can assist you in killing you enemies.

  • You can use the mouse to navigate your tank or move your tank to any direction
  • You can interact with left mouse button, or in-short you can bomb your enemy by pressing the left mouse button
  • Arrow keys are used to move the tank from one direction to another and moving the tank in right direction can lead you to the success
  • To Fire you can either you the mouse button or press M button in order to counter your enemy tank

Player 1 Controls for Tank Trouble 3 Multiplayer

 If you want to play the game with your family and friends then Tank Trouble unblocked 3 multiplayer is offering you to play the game with multiple players. And to play with more than one player, you have to learn the controls of the players as well. So following are controls for the player 1 in Tank Trouble 3 Multiplayer.

  • A player can navigate and can attack the enemy by pressing the mouse button and Q button can help you in bombing your enemy
  • EDSF button from the keyword can be used to move the tank in any direction

Player 2 Controls for Tank Trouble 3 Multiplayer

If you want to play like a clan, then Tank Trouble 3 Multiplayer game is for you. Following are the controls if you’re adding more players into the game.

  • Arrow keys can be used for the movement of your Tank
  • And you can use the button M for attacking your enemy Tank

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