The Leopard Cat Has a Huge Range

The Leopard Cat

The Leopard Cat, Prionailurus Bengalensis, is a little feline local to numerous territories in Asia. It is about the size of a pussy888 huge household feline. They weigh up to around 8 Kg, which is the size of our biggest feline, Little Milo. Little Milo’s mom, Liberty, weighs around 3 Kg which is around the heaviness of a little Leopard Cat. None of our felines are overweight. Freedom was deserted when we got her. We can just theorize about the size of Little Milo’s dad.

Range and Habitat

The Leopard Cat is the most generally conveyed of all the Asian wild felines, being found in the majority of the nations from Pakistan in the West to the Philippines in the East.

They will live in most characteristic Habitats here, and are beginning to adjust to living with Humans.

As anyone might expect this species has part into a few subspecies. As per one characterization there are 11 distinctive subspecies.


This feline eats an enormous scope of little creatures including little warm blooded creatures like Rats, Mice and little Rabbits, little winged animals, frogs, bugs and fish. Quite a bit of their chasing is on the ground, however they will likewise get things in trees.

Fur garments

The layer of this feline is somewhat similar to that of the Leopard, in any case, likewise with the Leopard, it is very factor.

Least Concern

Formally this delightful little feline is recorded similar to a types of least concern, yet numerous individuals are frightened at the manner in which its numbers are diminishing. In certain territories, it is locally terminated or basically jeopardized.


Panther skin coats are presently unlawful, however individuals have discovered that extremely decent looking hides can be produced using the Leopard Cat. uge numbers are being killedHuge numbers are being executed. In spite of the fact that it isn’t in impending peril of annihilation, there is significant stress over the quickly reducing numbers.


This little wild feline will cross with the household feline; Felis catus. The female Kittens are rich. This is a method of getting the wonderful shading of this creature into house felines. It has been discovered attractive to back cross to local felines, with determination of the Kittens, for four ages before keeping them in typical families.

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