World Series of Poker – Why Amateurs Can Win

A well played game of Texas Holdem is a true beauty to behold. Watching the players pit themselves against both the deck and each other can be thrilling. The World Series of Poker is held every year and the winner usually collects a cool $8 million or so. Winning the World Series of Poker is a gigantic accomplishment since there are generally over 6000 entrants willing to pay the $10,000 buy in. To win the World Series of Poker, a player must defeat thousands of amateurs and hundreds of professionals and this is no easy task.
The World Series of Poker began in 1968 in Reno Nevada and has continued until this day. The key draw of the World Series of Poker is obviously the money that can be won. Although there was a time when only the best in the world could win the World Series of Poker, this is just not the case any longer. Amateur Texas Holdem players are winning this tournament more and more frequently. This is due to the explosion of online poker rooms in situs idn poker.


Amateur poker players now have the ability to practice their craft 24 hours a day and seven days a week. As these amateurs hone their skills they become more of a threat to the professionals. Although some people would rather see the professionals win the World Series of Poker I personally prefer to see amateurs taking on the professionals and performing well. This gives me hope that someday I may be able to compete in the World Series of Poker.

The World Series of Poker has gotten so big over the last few years that even ESPN has begun covering the event in its entirety. Because of this coverage, the game of Texas hold them has become huge the world over. As a result, online poker rooms have exploded. I feel this is a good thing because it only serves to increase the competition for amateurs who are training to one day enter the World Series of Poker. Practice makes perfect and if playing online continuously allows amateurs to better compete with the professionals, I am all for it!

If you are at all interested in Texas Holdem, I strongly recommend that you watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN every chance you get. Some of the things that you learn by watching the World Series of Poker will just blow your mind. Another cool poker show is called Poker After Dark and it usually features some pretty big stars from the World Series of Poker. This is another show that can teach you a lot about poker. Be sure to watch it in addition to the World Series of Poker.

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